Cylinder Cage

Why Purchase a Cylinder Cage from American Standard Mfg.

For more than 25 years, American Standard Manufacturing has been an industry leader in innovative equipment designs for the storage and handling of low pressure propane cylinders and high pressure welding and industrial gas cylinders. Our line of high-pressure gas cylinder storage units includes a unique firewall option, which allows storage of fuel and oxygen in the same unit. All our units meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 58 standards for storing liquid petroleum.


MODEL NO. LB18302LSA - 20 pound cylinder cage

20 pound Cylinder Cage

20 Pound Cylinder Cage

17 models available from stock. Or call us to configure a cylinder cage to meet your needs.

Our durable, versatile Cylinder Cage models are all about lasting impressions. They tell your customers of your commitment to quality and safety. Designed for maximum visual effect, each one of our cylinder cages becomes a virtual sign post promoting your product and your company. Choose from steel aluminum and choose the size that meets your needs.

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Forklift Cylinder Cage

Model H12302LSA_forklift cylinder cage

Forklift Cylinder Cage

Promote safety, protect yourself, and protect your customers by insisting that all forklift cylinders be safely stored in an ASM Forklift Cylinder Cage. Our rugged, versatile, secure cabinets make compliance with NFPA-58 simple and affordable.

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All 20 pound and forklift cylinder cages are available in steel or aluminum. Aluminum allows for easier maneuvering, better lead times, and ability to customize punch patterns to match your branding.

Over the last quarter century, ASM has evolved into one of most respected and innovative companies in our industry. We manufacture and ship thousands of products each year. Our products are known and respected for their high quality, ingenuity and exceptional durability.  Our unique component design system allows us to quickly custom configure cages to your needs. It also enables fast replacement of damaged parts, not feasible with welded units.  Units can be shipped assembled for rapid deployment upon receipt, or knocked down to greatly reducing freight costs.