It’s not about us. It’s about you.

American Standard Manufacturing is an industry leader in innovative equipment designs for the storage and handling of low pressure propane cylinders and high pressure welding and industrial gas cylinders.

Committed to serving the changing needs of our customers, ASM is continually researching and developing new and useful products that improve safety and productivity while enhancing our customers’ position in today’s competitive global marketplace.

We care. We listen. We respond.

We are also committed to provide a work environment that encourages all our employees to achieve their full potential. The philosophy governing this commitment and all actions of our corporation and its employees is “The Golden Rule” – treat everyone including our staff and customers the same way you would like to be treated: with respect, compassion, and understanding.

Because of the way we treat our customers, they routinely recommend us to other companies. We believe in listening to our customers and employees, who are often the source of our best ideas, and are always exploring new ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and enhance safety for the benefit of our customers.

Companies often come to us for their own customers who have a special need, and we are eager and willing to work closely with all parties to design an intelligent solution ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our history.

ASM was founded by Coleman and Connie Vickary in 1990 as a manufacturer of gas cylinder storage and merchandising cabinets. Our corporation was originally in a small manufacturing facility in Lawyersville, New York with 6000 square feet of manufacturing space. In this facility we pioneered our original line of cabinets and cylinder handling equipment, products that remain the mainstay of our business.

Rapid growth soon compelled us to seek a larger, more adequate facility, and in 1994 we purchased and completely rehabilitated our current 28,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Central Bridge, New York to accommodate our production processes and future expansion.

Over the last quarter century, ASM has evolved into one of most respected and innovative companies in our industry, manufacturing and shipping thousands of products each year that are known and respected for their high quality, ingenuity and exceptional durability.

Our line of high-pressure gas cylinder storage units includes a unique firewall option, which allows storage of fuel and oxygen in the same unit. We have also developed numerous products designed to reduce the likelihood of worker injury while handling cylinders. Ergonomic devices include our Little Giant Cylinder Inverter, Forklift Cylinder Handler, Pit Stop Propane Fuel Depot, Cylinder Transport Pallets and Wall Hugger Cylinder Vise.

Powerful partnerships.

Acting as our own distributor from our Central Bridge facility on the East Coast and in conjunction with TEECO in California, we serve virtually all the domestic propane market through hundreds of local marketers.

Established in 1946, TEECO is the leading full-service wholesale distributor and fabricator of LP gas equipment in the Western United States. TEECO’s employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and quality merchandise at competitive prices. TEECO stocks 22,000 line items from 450 of the best gas equipment manufacturers in the world.

We do things differently.

Customers choose our products over those of our competitors for several reasons.

  • Our in stock availability combined with superior quality, durability, selection and appearance positions us in the lead of our marketplace.  Other suppliers build to order, not to stock, creating longer lead times than ours. Because we are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rather than an ordinary job shop, we can efficiently and effectively meet customer deadlines for large quantities on an ongoing basis, while others have historically struggled with these demands.
  • ASM’s unique component design system allows us to quickly custom configure cabinets to your needs and enables fast replacement of damaged parts, not feasible with welded units.  Units are shipped assembled for rapid deployment upon receipt, or knock down condition, greatly reducing freight costs.
  • The galvanized substrate we use in our manufacturing process plus our exterior grade powder coating create a higher quality, more durable product and provide a superior appearance – especially important in the merchandising environment of the 20-pound cylinder exchange business but also in the forklift cylinder business.
  • Special features like zero clearance sliding doors and low profile “window box” units also set us apart from other suppliers.

Beyond our innovative products, our marketing, sales and customer service people stand out because of their responsiveness, knowledgeability and commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Besides our outstanding product and excellent customer service, we have the ability to turn out large quantities in a very short period of time, often shipping smaller quantities the same day we take your order.









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